Class Jonah’s writing


So as promised here is the start of our GLOBAL WRITING! Miss Irwin says if we write on the blog it can be seen around the world.

We wonder who will read it!

We have been thinking about what we want to show people on our blog and what we want to write. Here are the first brave few from Class Jonah that have written their first blog post.



Sooprwrrm by Rebecca

(Becca decided she wanted to write her full name)


Stik man by Judah

(Judah used brilliant segmenting and blending to write his words)


fabiens bryst

(Fabien’s bracelet he made for Miss Irwin)


Lucie the mows.

(Lucie wanted to show everyone her mouse costume)


jodi did it

(Jodie wanted to show her stick lady love)


reubens      stickman

(Reuben wanted to show his stick man)


jack lop]]lmnbvcxz

(Jack wanted to write that he had made a stick man as big as his head)



(Kalebh wanted to type his name)


stans stik man

 (Stan wanted to write that this was his stick man)


After half term we will continue to write more on the blog. Please leave us a comment if you have read our writing.

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