Why do we do Assemblies Miss Irwin?

That’s a very good question, don’t you think? We definitely thought so. We asked Miss Irwin that today. Do you know what she said?

So we can share our wonderful, fun ways of learning with everybody else.” On reflection, we thought that sounded very kind of us. šŸ™‚

Because we are so kind, we thought it best to show everyone how amazing weĀ are by practisingĀ  our BIG voices, our acting, singing, signing and body numbers. All the things in our assembly are things we have been learning this last 8 weeks, so it’s not that new but we think some of our family will be shocked at how cleverĀ and grown up we are.

As well as practising today we have also taken part in our celebration of Harvest Faith Day. This morning we went to church and had our last service with Jon and we gave him t-shirts with a poem on that all the children had wrote for him and Ella to take on their journey.

On our returnĀ the rest of the school went to do harvest activities and we practised our assembly very hard!

But then Miss Irwin said we could have special harvest choosing. We talked about being thankful for all the food, animals and farmers. Then we played in the lentils and rice being farmers in our tractors, we made sweetcorn paintings by getting messy, we also thought of ways to get the apples in and out of the water without using our handsĀ and we used our fine motor skills to makeĀ pasta necklaces and bracelets. But wait it gets better… after assembly tomorrow we get to do this again as some of us didn’t get chance today to do everything. We will also be continuing to write our first EVER blog post!


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