Miss Irwin goes away for a day and we turn into scientist!

It’s true, Miss Irwin went out for the day and we had Mrs Irwin teaching us. We showed her how to do our phonics on bugclub using our robot arms to segment and blend.

After playtime we read the story of ‘Stick man’ again and we learnt how stick man floated a lot of his way to different places. Which meant sticks float! We knew this. We also knew that other things could sink and float.

So Mrs Irwin and Miss Kippen turned us into scientists to see how much we really knew! We got to wear scientist jackets and we had to predict if the objects we saw would float or sink and then we had to test our theories!

We really like watching things sink and float. But don’t tell Miss Irwin we did this because she doesn’t know we turned into scientists! shhhhhhh 😉

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