Maths games

To wake us up this morning we did playdoh disco! It was briiliant. We can not wait for the next open morning to show our parents how to do it!
After our wake up the morning was all about our maths skills. We practised our new double – 2 add 2 equals 4.

2 add 2 makes 4We can do this with our fingers.
We also practised our body numbers, we love doing this.

Then we did careful counting of two groups of objects. Miss Irwin showed us how to count larger amounts. We can put them together and count them all, or we can count the first group then continue to count the second group. It depends which we find easiest.

We all got to play some kind of game today that made our maths brains even bigger!

Some of us played dominoes, some snakes and ladders. We also had our counting worksheets out that Year 1’s do , as well as the dice box. We loved all the different dice. We even counted our camels and wrote down how many we had. Very big brains!



In P.E this afternoon we played team games
where we had to see which team collected the most bean bags. We practised our counting skills to see which team won!


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