A Gruffalo hunt! What’s a Gruffalo hunt?

Today we practised our new sound ‘I’ and finished our first sound card sheets. A copy will be coming home soon so we can use them at home with our families, to support our reading and writing.

After playtime we had a special delivery from Percy. He’d sent us a letter saying he’d made us a Gruffalo hunt! We didn’t know what a Gruffalo hunt was! He explained we needed to find the Gruffalos on the field and there might be a prize at the end. So off we we went.IMG_0075

On our hunt we heard Owl in the tree, saw snakes log pile and found fox’s hole. Then Nathaniel and friends found a parcel. In the Parcel was a Gruffalo! It was a puppet and a small world background. So now we can re-tell the story and play the Gruffalo with our puppets.

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In the afternoon we had French with Mrs Oakes. We learnt to sing bonjour with Albert the French boy.

After French Mrs Armitt read the story of the journey with us. We’ve been learning about journeys in our worship. We thought about journeys we would go on. Our ideas blew Mrs Armitt’s mind!

Tomorrow we plan our food for the Gruffalo picnic. Such busy days we have at school, it’s no wonder our brains are so big and heavy at night when we go to sleep.

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