Newsletter 12th September

Dear Parents,

This week has been our first full week at school and by Friday afternoon we all seemed very ready for a weekend rest, including the adults.

We have done so much this week its a wonder our brains haven’t exploded!  We have learnt more letter sounds, which means we can start to write the words-sat, pat and tap. We have tried to remember how to hold our pens with our ‘pecky fingers’-this is are our thumb and first finger which we pinch together to hold our pencil.


We have also been practising our maths by forming our numbers, counting objects and recognising numbers to 10 and 20. This has helped Miss Irwin to understand what we had already learnt before we came to school, so she can plan what we need to learn next.

As well as maths and reading and writing we have also practised important skills like our cutting. Holding scissors and opening and closing them is a very tricky skill. But as Miss Irwin always says ‘Practise makes perfect.’

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The most important thing we have been learning this week though, is learning our new class mates names and how to play and share nicely with our new friends.

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Next week we will be learning to form numbers and recognise their amounts. Learning how to segment and blend letters together to make words and we will be planning our Gruffalo picnic.

How you can help us at home

  • Practise writing our learnt letters at home-s,a,t,p.
  • Practise writing our numbers.
  • Read and look at our books with us and remember to write in our diaries when we do.


Meet the teacher meeting is this Friday 19th September in Class Jonah at 5.30pm. All parents are invited to come. You will find out about the curriculum, classroom and school rules,  what is expected in the coming year and how to support us at home. Parents will also have time to ask any questions.

*Remember any other school information is available on the school website. Important dates and relevant information to this term is on the  school newsletter, available to download from the news section.

Have a nice weekend 🙂

The Reception Team


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