Team games, Gruffalo masks and building castles

This morning we started our day with P.E. We focused our attention on getting to know our fellow classmates by trying to move in a hoop with our partner to transfer bean bags.




It was great fun.

After playtime we had phonics and today we learnt the letter ‘t’, but wait our learning gets better. As we have now learnt s,a and t we learnt today to put them together to make the word sat! Miss Irwin showed us how to segment and blend it with our robot arms. To use robot arms we make them stuff, then raise one arm for each sound. Then we say the sounds faster together until we blend them to sat. Then we just read the word sat! Miss Irwin was so shocked we read the word ‘sat’ she fainted!



After lunch we continued to make our Gruffalo masks we started yesterday with Mrs Armitt and Mrs Oakes.


Some of us decided to build Becca the Gruffalo a castle. It took a lot of hammering and tools to make it.

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