NEWSPAPER NEEDED for Gruffalo masks!

gruffaloAfter deep discussions about sharing masks and making the Gruffalo role-play. We have made some plans for our learning for the next week or so and this week we are making Gruffalo masks. For this we will need newspaper to help make our paper Mache. If you have any newspapers at home, please don’t recycle, but instead save them and bring them in for us to use.

We will also be attempting at some point to have a Gruffalo picnic with homemade Roasted Fox, Owl Ice cream, Scrambled snake, mouse on toast and Gruffalo cumble. For those we made need some extra bits for our picnic like paper plates, plastic cups etc. If you think you have anything spare at home we could have, please let Miss Irwin know.

To keep us practising our Gruffalo language we have been learning this song. Maybe you could learn it with us at home!

The Gruffalo Song

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