How to build a Gruffalo role play

First thing this morning we went on for our phonics lesson. We practised the alphabet song and our letter S.
We love busythings


Today we watched the story of the Gruffalo to remind ourselves of the places mouse goes and the people he meets.
The Gruffalo story
Then we made a list if things we would need for our role-play area.

Then we decided to go on a log hunt to make a log pile for the snake’s house. We worked really hard with our new friends to carry the heavy logs. After we brought them back some of us decided to help the adults make different parts of the role-play. We starting on making a river, painting some trees and making an owl hole. While some of us decided to try out some more new toys.
br />







We also had a visit from Percy the Park keeper. He had left us a message in his shed with some magnifying glasses that we could use. He also left his hat and coat for us to borrow. We’re not too sure who this Percy is yet, so we are going to write him a letter back to find out more about him.



Tomorrow is our first full day and we will be finishing school at 3.20pm.
We will also have our first assembly and we will be meeting our new Year 6 buddies, who are going to help us this next year. πŸ˜ƒ

Tomorrow we can also have ice lollies if we bring our money-30p for a normal lolly or 35p for a rocket lolly.

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