First day in school

Today was our first morning in school. We all came in looking very smart in our uniforms and ready to have fun.

This morning we made our classroom rules and talked about our traffic lights. If our name stays on green it means we’ve been very well behaved. If we forget our rules our names might get moved to yellow as a warning and if it moves to red it means we have to miss some of our play or free choosing time.

We also made our own peg labels by showing Miss Irwin how we can write our names.


Some of us brought our summer books in so we could show our new friends all about us. If we haven’t brought our summer books in yet it’s ok, Miss Irwin says there is no rush.

We went out at playtime and met all the other big children and now we have even more friends.

Tomorrow we will be in for the same time again. We can get picked up from the playground gate at 11.45. On Wednesday we will stay for our first school dinner- which remember is FREE! 😃

Miss Irwin gave out menus to everyone but if you need another please ask her.

Tomorrow Miss Irwin will be giving out the permission letters for the blog. We need to sign them and give them back so our photos can go on the blog.

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