Note from Miss Irwin

Dear Parents,

I would like to say thank you to all of those parents who have already given any feedback or comments on the children’s reports, as this is the first year I have used this online report system.

I have been coagulating the children’s information on Fingertips. Fingertips is an online assessment program which allows for more in-depth reports to be calibrated throughout the year. The report includes children’s attainment in every area of learning and importantly in their style of learning through the characteristics of effective learning.

Your input is vital and extremely valid to me as a teacher and I welcome any critique you would like to share about this reporting process. As always your communication is always welcome and valued to help improve Reception at Astbury. Please feel free to come and see myself about any questions or queries you may have about your child’s report.

If you would like further clarification on the details of Early Learning Goals please see the documents below, as it clearly outlines your child’s expectations in relation to their age.

All of the children in class this year are working within the Early Learning Goals which is extremely good and shows how bright this cohort is. All children were levelled under these categories:-
Emerging -showing ability in some aspects of the early learning goal
Expected– working at their expected age level and completing most if not all of the early learning goal.
Exceeding-have completed the early learning goal and are working towards year 1 targets.
Development matters also outlines all the criteria needed for age stage ability and gives suggestions of support that can be provided by adults and the surrounding environments.

If you have time to share your views or would like to email me your comments please do.
I hope to see you all at the production next week.
Kind regards
Miss Irwin

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