Turning into Year 1’s-Day 2

Well Miss Irwin was quite shocked this afternoon when we all came back to class after a full day in Year 1 because we actually had started behaving like Year 1’s and some of us even said that we didn’t want to come back to Class Jonah because we are too big for Reception now!

Miss Irwin knew this day would eventually come but she did remind us that she was still Class Jonah’s teacher until Wednesday 23rd at 3.20pm.

Today in class with Mrs Hodder we planned our new topic for September which is going to be ‘To the rescue’, we came up with some ideas of the 999 services and superheroes. We also got to play parachute games with Mrs Hodder. We painted our faces for our new display and explored what will be our new outside area.

A great day for all us new Year 1’s. Tomorrow we will be going up to Mrs Hodder in the morning and back to Miss Irwin to practise for the summer concert in the afternoon.

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