Practising being Year 1’s- Day 1

phase 5 sound mat image

Today we started the day with Miss Irwin. She told us what was going to happen for the rest of the day and this week. We learnt we were going to Year 1 to meet Mrs Hodder.

First we did our phonics with Miss Irwin, where we recapped all of our alternative ee sounds from phase 5. We tried to remember-ea, e-e, ey and y. Miss Irwin didn’t think we could do it but we could all remember most of them, we could read them in words and even write them in words. WOW!


Miss Irwin said she could tell our Year 1 brains were ready. After playtime we went to our new classroom- which meant we were class Moses for the rest of the day. With Mrs Hodder we came up with things that were going to make us amazing – like our new class rules. Then we started some writing which will make our first display. We also had a chance to plays some games too with our new class mates. Next Year’s Class size will be 29 as we will be mixing with some Year 2 children.

When we came back to Miss irwin we all said how we felt the day had gone, some of us are still unsure but we are going to try a few more days to see what we think!

Tomorrow we will spend the whole day with Mrs Hodder as Class Moses.



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