We can make a circuit

This week in school we are having special few days of learning with our Kenyan visitors. This morning Hawa and Marion came in to see how we learn phonics and were really impressed with our phonics games we play. They really liked our alphabet jigsaws they think they would be really good for their children, so we are going to give them some of ours to take home with them.

After play we put on our scientist coats and learnt about electricity. We discussed what electricity was and where it came from. Then we talked about how to be safe around electricity- Chatlotte told us how we never touch anything electrical that has had water on it because we can get electrocuted!

Miss irwin then told us about circuits and why we need a circuit to have things like light bulbs work. She showed us some strange looking crocodile clip leads, bulbs and batteries. Then we learnt how to make a circuit and light up a light bulb.




Some of us even managed to add double bulbs and switches in our circuit.
We want to now make houses from Lego to put our lights in and make a city! We are so clever!

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