Where is Miss Irwin?

Dear Class Jonah and Families,

Just a little note to let you all know I have been ill since Friday with a viral throat infection and have been deemed contagious. I sound like a I have a croaky frog and trumpet stuck in my throat and it is very sore. So I have been trying not to spread my germs to anybody if I can help it! Please be aware of any symptoms of a sore throat, fever, cough and bad taste in the mouth- as I know Mr Wood was also ill last week with something similar and Mr Naylor the week previous.

This is why I have not been in school or done any blogs from last week, which I do apologise for. As soon as I am feeling better I promise to put everything on the blog.

I will not be in on Tuesday but Mrs Irwin will be covering.
I know today you have been learning about Elephants and tomorrow you will be learning about my favourite animal-the Giraffe, so I expect to hear lots of amazing facts about Elephants and Giraffes from class Jonah when I return back to school.

I will hopefully be back on Wednesday to see everybody and meet the little Jonah’s again in the afternoon.

See you soon
Miss Irwin

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