Tortoise fever!

On Thursday we were lucky enough to have a visit from a very special little animal named Dennis. Dennis is Mr O’Leary’s and Mrs O’Leary’s tortoise. He is only 3 years old.

Very kindly they said he could come into school for the day and we could learn about him by looking at: his habitat, what food he eats, what colour and patterns he has and how he keeps warm.

We all had a look at his cage and the different parts that he needs to have a good habitat. He had soil, water, food, a dark place to sleep, heat lamp, daylight lamp and some plants.

Then we got to have a hold of him. He was very small, what we didn’t expect was how quick he was when we put him on the carpet- he was speedy!

As we learnt he was a reptile and he was cold blooded, we knew he had to keep warm and he does it by sunbathing under his heat lamp. We all took lots of photos and then some of us even started to make a video story about him for our ICT project.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you very much Mr and Mrs O’Leary.

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