Smilers :)

This week we have been very imaginative in our choosing time. Ed came up with the idea of a ‘smiler’ you hold it in front of your mouth so that even if you are not happy or a little sad you still look happy. Miss Irwin took it as a very big hint she needed to smile 😀 .Rightly so to, as this week we have all been VERY tired after Mayday and maybe we did need a reminder to be happy, especially with half term coming up.

Miss Irwin suggested that maybe the other staff in school might need ones too. So a mission was on to make all the staff in school a ‘smiler’.Ed and his team worked tirelessly through the day and then took photos of how effective their smilers were.
This then inspired a few others to then start writing and making things for the other teachers in school-as we love making people happy and also love the praise and sticker or team points we get in return!

Miss Irwin says -Well done class Jonah for perking up everybody in a very tiresome week.Im so proud of you all.

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