Excuse me what’s the time?

On Thursday morning we practised telling the time again then we made our own watches. We had to cut out our clock faces and stick it onto our wrist bands. Then we went around to see our friends and asked them the time. We can now all tell the time in o’clocks and almost every time say and make the times in half pasts. Some of us even learnt quarter pasts today! Thats year1 work! WOW WEE! πŸ™‚

In the afternoon we came back to find Percy had left us some presents when we were all out of the classroom. He had brought us some scrapers and set up a game of sorting for us and he’d brought us some threading strings to practise our threading skills and pattern making with beads.






Some of us decided we wanted to make a shop outside as we had lots of things to sell. Miss Irwin popped into to buy some carrots seeds for the allotment at a very reasonable price!

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