Tennis, wow words, musical instruments, builders yards and Year 1 brains.

How do we manage to fit so much into a day? Easily now because we are growing our Year 1 brains. On Wednesday we started with our tennis skills by practising our balancing and movement, then we used our rackets and balls to practise bouncing then we finished with egg and spoon stylet game to the net and back to the baseline. We loved Tennis today.
After playtime we were practising our adjectives in our writing for Mrs Hodder by writing about the caterpillars as we have heard she doesn’t know much about them! While some of us wrote others made a builders yard outside.


IMG_8611 You can find our wonderful ‘wow’ words on our writing wall.

After lunch we practised using our Year 1 brains by sitting at our desks and all writing at the same time- it was a bit tricky but we know practise makes perfect. Miss Irwin tells us that next year we might sometimes have to sit at tables all at the same time to do work as we will be Year 1’s. We like practising this.
After that we got lots of instruments and had a very loud music session singing our songs about seeds and sunflowers.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We might be a little tired tonight after all the work we have done!

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