Rain,Rain come again!

What a wet play day we have had. This morning we started in glorious sunshine looking at the Grey Tit family of birds nesting in our bird box. We even made a bird hide to sit in and watch. Then by the time phonics had finished and playtime arrived the sleet came and so did the leaks in our guttering. But what fun we began to have…

We didn’t realise that collecting water in containers would be so fun. We started with trying to stop the leak, then Miss Irwin got us some special measuring containers, then we wanted to make mud pies and water parks! On when the waterproofs and so started our hours of fun in the rain with water.

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We collected water, poured water in different size containers, then some of us made different water shoots and put different substances down it like bubbles, red blood colouring and even coffee! At the end of the water pipes there became a muddy swamp!

In the afternoon we put the caterpillars that arrived on Monday into the butterfly net as they had already stayed to turn into Chrysalises. We have put them on a table to watch to see when the butterflies might hatch we reckon hopefully by the end of next week. But we have filled our marble jar and written a letter to Percy to ask him for some more!

Also in the afternoon we practised doing our Tall Tower Competition in practise for our Mayday stall- Thomas made a tower (with Miss Irwin’s help) 25 bricks tall but then we realised the timer was going on quite a long time and when we looked somebody had changed the time to 7 minutes! No wonder!

Hopefully on Saturday people will enjoy our game as much as we do. Fingers crossed 🙂

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