Percy’s presents and caterpillar adjectives

Today we had a close look at the chrysalis as Issac’s daddy had given us a top tip about how to stick them back up so their wings will grow properly when they hatch. So Miss Irwin carefully took them out for us to look at -some of us even wanted to hold them. We noticed if you touched it, then the chrysalis wriggled to warn us off. Georgette said we should measure it to see how big they were, they were only 2cm long!

We also watched this youtube of what happens when a caterpillar changes into something different-which is a butterfly. Oh yes that’s right, we tried learning the biggest word ever today- metamorphosis. Whether we can remember it tomorrow will be interesting though!

We also found a present from Percy in the shed. He had sent us some wild flowers to shake and rake. He also said we had another present coming in the post-we think that might be more caterpillars!
Some of us went with Miss Kippen to sow our seeds

and we took our own photos. While others wrote really good ‘wow’ words with Miss Irwin about the caterpillars and butterflies. We came up with words like colourful, teeny and cocoon.

How we managed to fit this in around Mayday dancing and Mayday run through Miss Irwin does not know! Maybe it’s because we are turning into Year 1’s!

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