Mayday practise and important information

Mayday practise was vitally important today to let us know how Mayday works. As this is our first time we are very excited and some of us are quite proud to be making history.
Today we learnt how we will walk down to the church, what will happen in church and how and when we will do our dancing.

Then we watched the big boys and girl do the May Pole dancing and we enraptured by how they spun the ribbons.

For more information about the day please follow this link to the school website where a letter has been written with all the information.

Key things to remember

*The gates will be open from 12.30 for you to drop of your child and leave them with school staff.
*You are not permitted to stay with them. You will collect them after the dancing from their teacher.
*Get a good place for the procession or seat in church for photos.
*Please make sure you check the Mayday outfit before Friday in case it needs changing.
*They must come dressed in their outfit.
*Little girls ribbons, bows and Tiaras will be applied in school.

If you have any other questions please ask Miss Irwin.

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