Tennis in the rain!

What a way to start a week…Miss Irwin said we could start to learn Tennis today. But it was spitting so we had to wear our coats and survive the rain showers!

We learnt what a tennis racket was and how to hold it. We practised swinging them around us just so we knew how not to hit each other! We are very good at swinging our rackets.


Then we got to practise hitting balls with our racket. Miss Irwin said we needed to try to watch the ball and hit it softly! After we practised hitting softly we were allowed to do big hits.

Miss Irwin says she thinks some of could potentially be good enough to play at Wimbledon when we’re older as we can play tennis in the rain, we didn’t really know what she was talking about though!







After the rain, wet socks, wet tights, wet shoes and wet trousers (some of thought it would be a good idea to run through the deep puddles), we had show and tell. Today was Becca’s first show and tell she brought her elephant.


Miss Irwin asks if we can make sure we have spare clothes- pants, socks, trousers on specially rainy days as some of us even with wellies on can’t help but get wet! 🙂

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