Newsletter 9.5.14

Dear Parents,

Another quick 4 day week in Class Jonah and we have managed to pack so much in, sometimes we just don’t know how we do it! Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen have been noticing how we are much more grown up now and that our brains are definitely much bigger, they say we are turning into Year 1’s!

This week in Maths we have been learning to count coins together to find out the amount. Miss Irwin tried really hard to trick us in counting money together but we could count coins of 1p,2p,5p and sometimes 10p together to make amounts. We are going to carry on with this next week but we are also going to carry on looking at time as we started looking at the days of the week this week when we read the ‘Hungry Caterpillar’, we know the days we just need to practise getting them in the right order. We’ve been looking at our class clock at important parts of the day and are starting to recognise 12 o’clock for lunchtime and half past 10 for playtime. So next week we will be getting the clocks out to have a look properly at the hour and minute hands.

In writing we have written a Giant Class story of The Hungry Caterpillar, then we even tried writing some of our own stories. In Phonics we have been practising our beginning and end blends- Miss Irwin said if we did them really well she would teach us our new phase 5 pink sound- wh. We learnt that we already knew the sounds ‘w’ and that phase 5 sounds are tricky because “they sound the same but they don’t look the same” as sounds we already know!

On Friday morning we had some parents come in for open morning and they joined us in doing Mayday dancing. It was great fun to show them how hard we have worked at learning a dance routine.

How you can help at home
*Practise finding our new ‘wh’ sound in words. Can we make a list of ‘wh’ words to bring into Miss Irwin to show her?
*Practise recognise coins and adding pence together to amounts up to 20p.

We still need parents to sign up to help on our class stall-just for 15 minutes. Remember all the money we raise on Mayday will come straight back into our classroom funds.(Plus the teachers are now having a competition to see who can make the most money and Miss Irwin is a very bad looser, so please help us or come and spend lots of money if you can’t help!)

Have a lovely 2 weekend,
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen

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