Pretty maids and adventurous boys

Today was the day the girls got their hair done, got to put on their dresses and wear their tiaras. Today was the official photos for the girls to be the maids with the new May Queen.

As the girls prepared and got excited the boys spent some quality time exploring for insects and eggs with Miss Irwin.

We were so excited today having our hsir done by Mrs Hurlstone made us feel so special. She brough special pink bobbles to match our shashes and hair ribbons. Then she helped us put in out Tiaras which Poppy the New May Queen had bought us. Then we got to wear our dresses and practise twirling in them and looking at ourselves in the mirror. Then we had to go and sit really carefully and smile nicely.
Our photos will be ready soon to buy.


Boys- while the girls got dressed up we got to choose outside with Miss Irwin. We started looking at the insects in the sand, mud kitchen and Garden centre. Then we decided we wanted to find more insects. So we got our tick sheets, magnifying glasses and coats and set off to explore all over the place. We found bees, centipedes, worms, beetles and then eggs in the chicken coops in the allotment it was a great hunt.

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