Little bit of shopping!

We do like a little bit of shopping in Class Jonah even the boys!

Today we started the day with a coin hunt. Mr Naylor had hidden some coins outside and we had to find them…which is often tricky when Mr Naylor hides them! After we found our coins we then set about learning what the different coins were. We looked at the different colour of the coins, their sizes, the numbers on them and what shape they were. Then we learnt their names and amounts. Our targets this week are to remember the different coins, their names and how much they are worth.

After our work with Miss Irwin we did some shopping in the Garden Centre. We had to go to the shop and use our coins to buy something. We bought lots of things and even took them off to continue our learning. Some of us collecting woodlice in the flower pots, some making holes and building in the mud kitchen and some of us to plant our own seeds and label them.

Fun times!

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