Astbury Garden Centre Visit

On Thursday morning we went on a trip to the Astbury Meadow Garden Centre. We went to see what they sell, how it looks and see the people who work there so we could get some ideas for our Garden centre.

We took lots of photos of the different signs and things that we liked. We even saw some garden ornaments and one that looked like a monster- someone said it looked like Mr O’Leary! Can you spot which one it was?

We then went and brought some seeds with Miss Irwin’s money that we are going to plant into our sensory garden. Mrs Blythe’s group found a very special plant called a fly catcher that snaps closed. We bought that too so we can feed it flies and watch it move.

In the afternoon we planted some of our seeds and decorated flowers for the garden centre. The Harry found a parcel in Percy’s shed! Inside the parcel was some giant tweezers, giant magnifying glasses and some worms to measure and count with. We were so excited to use them.

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