Class Jonah’s reinactment of the Easter Story

On Tuesday we talked about the Easter and what Easter meant and what we got at Easter. We then talked about the story and what we thought it was about. Lots of us knew some things about the Easter story. Miss Irwin showed us a story on the whiteboard that was made from Lego people.

It showed how Jesus went to Jerusalem on a donkey and all the people waved palm leaves at him and were excited to see him. Then we saw how Jesus’ friend wasn’t kind to him and that people plotted against him to kill him. We learnt Jesus was put on a cross and died. Then he was put in a tomb. But then a few days later when they checked in the tomb he wasn’t there! Then we heard how Jesus was still seen around helping people and he had come back to life. After that then he went to heaven with an angel. It was a lot for us to try to understand. But with a bit of role-play and some props we made a few of us rein acted the Easter story as we think it happened.

Please watch our story.
Video coming soon.

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