Newsletter 27.3.14

Dear Parents,

This week has been full of exciting days, we’ve been excited about learning our last two sounds in our purple set of phonic sounds- er and ure. We know that ‘er’ sound is like ‘ur’ but it usually comes at the end of words. We really like ‘ure’ which we say like a short ‘yor’. Our action for ‘ure’ is to point at an imaginary pile of cow manure and pull a disguseted face and say ‘ure’.
This week we have also made our mothers day presents and had our mothers day afternoon with our yummy cakes and we planted our tomato plants to grow at home. Then we finished today with our day of making disgusting recipes, which we made lots of our teachers eat! HA HA HA (Evil laugh). Mrs Cameron was definitely not keen on eating spider goujons!

Next week is our last week before Easter half term. We will be having Easter fun by learning about the Easter story, creating an Easter Garden outside, doing Easter crafts and who knows we might even have a visit from the Easter Bunny…if we’ve been doing good listening! Which is something we are also going to focus on next week- listening skills and sharing skills as sometimes as a class we forget that we need to do good listening and share nicely with our friends!

On Wednesday we are also going for a visit to see Rebecca at Horton Lodge to see how she learns before she joins us in our class next term. Wednesday is wear an item of blue for Autism Day, however we would like for Class Jonah to make sure they are still wearing their school jumpers as we will be going to Horton Lodge.

How you can help at home
*Practise writing our new sounds and finding them in words around us in our every day lives.
*Our writing of super sentences if getting really good now but we do need to practise using our capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. Why not try and write Miss Irwin some disgusting recipes at home!

Have a nice weekend
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen

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