Mother’s Day afternoon

Today we had a lovely day making and finishing off our things for our mummies. We finished our bookmarks of us as Knights and Princesses and made special cakes decorated with yummy icing and pretty flowers.

Then this afternoon we had some mummies and Annabelle’s aunty come into our classroom. We had a cakes and teas at the pink tables with the mummies, some of us even had hot chocolates with marshmallows! (Which is why we might be a little hyper on our return home!).

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Then we went outside to plant up some tomato seeds to take home, because we are going to have a tomato plant growing competition. Miss irwin has asked us to take them home and try to grow our plants and to keep records of how big they are- we could do this with photos we could email or give to Miss Irwin to share with Class.

After planting up our seeds, we had choosing time and showed the mummies round. Then we read ‘spider’ sandwiches and shared our recipes from our recipe book we are making.

We all had a lovely time. For those mummies who didn’t get to come do not worry we all had a good time too and your cakes, bookmark and tomato plant have been taken home for you tonight.

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