Ingredients needed!


This is our shopping list that we need for making our horrible recipes, we have some things in school but if you have anything at home that we can bring in it would be very helpful e.g. any spare pieces of bread we might have left over, pasta, some modelling icing or food colouring. Have a look at the list and see what you have in the backs of your cupboards.

We will be making them on Thursday and Friday this week.

Here is a list of our disgusting recipes
Gooey snot pasta soup-Eva-Rose
Slimy slug green pizza-Ellie
Slimy bats ears in oil soup-Ed
Mushy spider goujons- Maddie
Squishy snake and crocodile spaghetti- Harry W
Yucky toenail scrambled egg- Evie
Smelly rat tails nuggets-Annabelle
Slimy snake eye sandwich-Finn
Mushy beetle biscuit-Henry W
Chips with spider eyes- Thomas
Slimy slug porridge-Beth
Slimy slug Weetabix- Henry
Yucky beetle cheese sandwich- Georgette
Crushed cats toenail chips- Rosie
Mushy alien tail pasta-Charlotte
Squishy elephant eyes on toast with beans-Alfie
Slimy mud sauce on eggs-Joshua
Yucky foot cheese crumpets- Isaac

We want all of our food to be edible and to make people eat it. So Miss irwin has reminded us we can not feed people real toenails, insects or anything mouldy! šŸ˜€

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