Newsletter 21.3.14

Dear Parents,
This week we have been very focussed on trying out our Year 1 brains. Miss Irwin tells us that our brains are very big and that if we try hard we can do Year 1 maths and Year 1 writing, but shhhhh…its supposed to be a secret we are this big brained.

In maths this week we have tried really hard to understand how to do take away sentences and solve them on our own. We have tried using number lines, our fingers and objects to help us find the answer. We have even been practising taking away the number and ending up with zero, we have even tried huge numbers like 100-100=0. We love doing this and think our brains are definitely on fire! In our writing we have taken some inspiration from “Spider Sandwiches” written by Clare Freedman.
We love reading this book because of all the horrible things Max the monster eats and that just like us he doesn’t like sprouts! In our topic plan we wanted to make recipes and after reading this we decided we wanted to make horrible recipes for people like the teachers and for our buddies to eat! So we have been writing down our chosen disgusting recipe. We have been using our segmenting and blending and ‘wow’ words.

We plan to make them next week. To make them though we do need a few ingredients so we made a shopping list.
&gtIf you have any of these ingredients in your house please can we bring them in to use. Miss Irwin has explained to us that we can’t use real spiders, beetles, slime and any of the other gross things for real as we might actually make peel sick so we thought of food alternatives we could use to make it look like those horrible things. Hopefully our imagination and culinary skills will produce some really horrible looking foods for peel to eat!

On Friday we had Sports Relief day where we did all sorts of sporting activities. We had lots of fun.

How can you help at home
*practise our phonic sounds ear and air
*get us to show you how to do take away number sentences.

Mothers afternoon on Thursday- if mummies can’t come you can send grandmas or aunties in your place.

On Wednesday Miss Irwin will be on an Ofsted course but Miss Kippen will be in all day.

Have a good weekend
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen ;

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