Newsletter 28.2.14

Dear Parents,

This week back after half term has been one full of imagination. Our brains have really started to think about new and exciting ways to learn.

This week we have learnt about 3D solid shapes and we have been learning the names cube, cuboid, cylinder, sphere, cone, triangular prism and square based pyramid, some of us even recognise a hexagonal prism! We have started to recognise them when we match them we descriptions of shapes and some names. We will be continuing with 3D shapes next week. In our reading we have learnt the story of Jack and the Beanstalk and we have thought about the characters and how they behave and how they feel. We have also built our own role-play castle outside for kings, queens and knights and inside we are making a giants castle with a beanstalk, giant table and large golden eggs!

Next week we will be a very busy week
Monday we have the Guinness World Record attempt
Tuesday- is pancake day
Wednesday- we go to church for ash Wednesday
Thursday-is world book day when we come dressed as a character from a book.

As well as all that we will be planting our beans and watching them grow!

How you can help at home
* Help us to remember our sounds we have learnt before half term as well as ‘ur’ and our new sounds ‘ow’.
* Practise our high frequency and tricky words as Miss Irwin will be seeing which words we know.
* Get our costume ready for world book day.

if you can help on Monday with the Guinness world record please let Miss Irwin know by calling the school office or talking to her at the gate.

If you have any unwanted or old tools and screws you no longer need at home, please can we have them because our plastic screws don’t work in the butternut squashes!

Lastly, just to let you know Mrs Armitt will not be covering Class Jonah for Miss Irwin’s planning time on Fridays now. As she has had to have an emergency operation this week and will not be back in school until the summer term. She is recovering in hospital and getting better every day. We have made her cards and written her lovely notes to wish her well.

Have a nice weekend
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen

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