Guinness World Record- Helpers needed

The Guinness World Record attempt is upon us. This afternoon we made enough play dough for the whole school to use. Tomorrow will be having a practise in the morning so we all know what we are doing.

On Monday morning we will need a few extra helpers to assist with being stewards and witnesses.We need people who can be independent from school who can fill in some paperwork to say we completed the record correctly. It can be mummies, daddies, grandpa’s or grandma’s or even your next door neighbour. If you or any member of your family is available for half an hour between 9.45 and 10.15 please can you let Miss Irwin know.

We can’t wait to be record breakers!

2 responses to “Guinness World Record- Helpers needed

  1. Hi Miss Irwin,
    Just so you know your independent witnesses cannot be mummies or daddies or related to the school in any way (see the Guinness World Records Guidance – I emailed to confirm this), but your stewards and timekeepers can be.
    Check your email for the revised world record, which should be easier to achieve as it is modelling now not discoing!
    Good Luck! Your playdough disco friend from Black Firs! πŸ˜‰


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