Guinness World Record

As you may be aware we love a bit of Playdough Disco in class Jonah. This is when we dance with our playdough to One Direction or a bit of Lady Gaga by splatting, pinching, pulling and walking our fingers in our dough to help with our gross and fine motor skills.

Miss Irwin came upon an opportunity that meant we could enjoy doing Playdough Disco and at the same time attempt to get a Guinness World Record! This is an opportunity we can not miss!

The creator of Playdough Disco is a lady called Shonette Bason-Wood. Shonette is coordinating the attempt of a large Playdough Disco.

Not only are Class Jonah signed up but now all of school want to join in too! This means that at 10.00am on Monday 3rd March, the whole school will for 5 minutes try to break the world record of โ€œMost People Exercising to a Fitness Video in 24Hours (Multiple Venues)โ€.

The current records stands at 2958 on 7th February 2014, so far its estimated more than 5000 people will be attempting the record, so we will smash it!

When we do the World Record attempt we can’t do it to 1D, we need to follow Shonetteโ€™s video. You can practice the moves and see what its all about on the video below.

There are a few rules that we have to follow. We all have to stay in the hall for the whole 5 minutes. We have to have stewards to make sure we all join in, the event must be filmed from beginning to end and an aerial photo must be taken of the whole group.

We are all very excited. If you want to come along and watch or join in please let Miss Irwin know. ๐Ÿ™‚

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