A finished Igloo and the Grand Opening of the Mud Kitchen

On Friday we invited our families into class in the afternoon to see our houses that we had built, to look in our clever Cat books and to see our Igloo and mud kitchen.

What a way it was to finish our topic on Buildings with a finished Igloo. It’s only taken Class Jonah, Miss Kippen, Miss Beaumont, Miss Bono, Miss Robinson, Mrs Holford and Miss Irwin 6 weeks to make but it’s finally finished and guess what, you can fit a almost all of Class Jonah inside it at one time!

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Thank you to everybody who helped us collect the milk cartons to make this big Igloo.

After we looked at our Igloo and tried it out we went to do the official opening of the Mud Kitchen. Which has been very kindly been made by Mr Holford with the help of Mr Aimes. We had kind donations of pots, utensils and appliances from parents and staff. Mr Holford was there to cut the ribbon with Maddie and Georgette, we all then went up to have a look. We love our mud kitchen and our sign-thank you Mr Holford. We cant wait to start back after half term and to choose in there.

We have all worked exceptionally hard this term and we should be very proud of the journeys we have made in our learning so far. But now it’s time for a well deserved rest.

We hope you all have a very nice half term and don’t get blown away in the blustery wind.
Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen.

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