Legotastic Trip!

What a day we had at the Lego Discovery Centre.


Even the start of our trip, the bus journey was fun!

When we got to the discovery centre we were all eaten by a giant Lego Lion.

Then we went into the factory and learnt how to make Lego. We learnt how Lego comes from granules that get heated up into ‘Legoo’, which then gets squished into Lego pieces by a big machine. We all got our own Lego bricks.

We learnt how to make tall towers, by making the bricks interlocking to make them stronger with a good wide base going up to a point. We had competitions in teams to see how could make the tallest and strongest tower.

We then got to go and watch the 4D film, some of us wanted to keep the glasses!

After lunch we were able to walk around and try all sorts of Lego fun-making Lego cars to test on the ramps, going in the Lego cars to catch the criminals, playing in the giant Lego area and a bit of Karaoke and pink Lego building!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We all had a fabulous day and some of us even needed a power nap on the way home!

Thank you to Mrs Amies and Mrs Griffiths who helped today on your trip.

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