New fun learning APPS to use on your Apple IPads or Phones

Check out these APPS

Hip Hop Hen has great Alphabet APPS for us to play on and practise our letters with games and songs.

Letterschool is a fantastic APP that shows us how to write our letters the correct way around. There is a free version and a pay for version both are very good. Miss irwin’s letters have got much better since she has used this! 😉

Maths, age 3-5 has matching games and number games going up in level order, you cant go to the next game until you’ve completed each level. All the APP is well modelled by a cartoon lady and she can help if you get stuck.

Maths, age 4-6 has symmetry and shapes,counting to 20, adding and taking away, times games and sharing all games that will help us to achieve our Early Learning Goals by the summer.

Number Link Free is similar to Flow free, which we also love playing (on windows8 on Miss Irwin’s tablet and laptop) but the difference is you have to link the lines to the matching numbers. Great for number recognition and problem solving.

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