Magical flying Reindeer dust!

What as hock we got today when Mrs Cameron came after lunch with a parcel for us from Father Christmas!
The letter said he’d been watching us and had sent us a present for being good. He had sent us a bottle of magical flying Reindeer dust!

The letter said we had to mix the dust with porridge so that the reindeer would eat it as a snack. If we sprinkle it outside our houses they will smell it and fly to us, then when they eat it, it will help them to keep flying around the world to give all the other boys and girls presents!

So we set to making some Reindeer food with Miss Irwin. We mixed the porridge and dust together and out it in our reindeer packets that we made.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also made some Christmas decorations for our Family with Miss Bono.
Christmas was well and truly in Class Jonah this afternoon.
our Reindeer food is in our bags and our Christmas decorations and cards will be coming home tomorrow.

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