Class Jonah ask for homework books!!

Its true families! The other day in class one of us found some notebooks in our writing draws and we started to write in them. We asked Miss Irwin if we could take them home and do homework in them! Miss Irwin was obviously very pleased at our enthusiasm so she got us some old exercise books from the storeroom and now we all have ‘homework book’s we can practise our writing and number work in. We have been using them in class and have been sharing our work with each other!

Miss Irwin has not set us any homework, we are just doing work with out being asked because we want to!

In Class Jonah we don’t do formalised homework like the other classes do. However, Miss Irwin is now thinking of new ways we could do homework in books as we seem so excited about it! Until Miss Irwin comes up with a plan and puts it into action. Please help us if we are doing work in them because it will only make our brains bigger. We can bring our books in and show our work and we are allowed to use them at choosing time to do work in too.

Miss Irwin is so impressed with us she can’t believe how grown up we all are. πŸ™‚

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