Newsletter 13.12.13

Dear Parents,

What a busy week we have had! Our nativity and practises took up most of the beginning of the week and it was worth all our hard work because we really enjoyed showing you our Nativity story and we think you  liked it as much as we did! This week we have also learnt our new sound diagraph ‘th’ and when we say this sound we stick our tongue out between our teeth we are trying not to get it confused with ‘f’ when we bite our lip.

As well as being fantastic actors we have also been writing our letters to Father Christmas and showing him how good our super sentences are. We sent them in the post and he wrote back to us! His letter magically appeared in the Christmas tree, we don’t know how they got their it’s a mystery! He replied to all our questions we asked him and we learnt some amazing facts about him and the Elves. Did you know that Ftaher Christmas has special magical flying powder that he sprinkles on the reindeer to help them fly and that this year he has 3,754 Elves working in the Christmas village making presents!

Next week will only have 4 days of school! On Monday and Tuesday we are going to be working on our number skills in the mornings and our reading skills in the afternoon. In number we will be practising estimating and counting to check amounts.  Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen want to see how good we are at reading our high frequency words. We will also be making our Christmas crafts in the workshop.

How you can help at home

  • Help us with our high frequency words by reading them or putting them in silly sentences. Our aim is to be able to read them by sight because if we know them we can just say them.
  • Practising saying and writing our new diagraph ‘th’. Play eye spot and see if we can spot ‘th’ in words around us.


On Wednesday we are going to church in the morning for our church service. We can bring our own Christingle to church. Christingles will not be made in school, if you wish to bring them to school please bring them in on Wednesday morning. If your not sure what a christingle is, click here.

Or if you want to know how to make a Christingle please click here.

On Wednesday afternoon we will be having our Christmas class party which we have written down our ideas for. We do not need party clothes.

Wednesday after school is the school Christmas Disco! santaskate

On Thursday we will be having songs around the Christmas tree and you are welcome to come and join us.

Have a nice weekend, only 12 more sleeps!

Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen




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