Mystery Reader brings donuts and pancakes!

On Friday we found another Mystery Reader in Percy’s shed!

Georgette went to open the door and found her Daddy inside.

Mr Amies had brought with him one of his a Georgette’s favourite books.  Daisy the Donut Fairy which is written by Tim Bugbird.


The story was all about how the fairies liked to make Donuts but then one day they realised they had too many donuts and they didn’t know what to do with them. The fairies thought of lots of ways to use them, but not of them would really work! Then they end up using their donuts to save Pancake Pirates from their sinking ship with their donuts.

We liked the story so much we asked Mr Aimes for some donuts!! On Monday Georgette brought in some donuts and pancakes for all the children to eat while we re-read the story. Thank you Mr Aimes, what a lovely surprise.  🙂


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