Letter from Father Christmas

On Wednesday morning we found a letter Christmas nestled in our Christmas tree. It said that he had been watching us and had heard what we had been talking about. He knows we are writing letters with questions in because he’s seen it on the camera. We got very excited to know he has been watching us, we even showed Alison. We wanted to write back to him straight away. So we decided to write a big letter back from the whole class to let him know that all our letters would be sent by Friday, we asked him a few questions and that we told him that we think he is amazing!

We then went to the post box to post his letter. Miss Kippen told us we must hurry so we get it there before Postman Pat because he would be going for his dinner soon!

Just as we posted the letter, guess who turned up… the postman!

Postman Pat let us open the post box with him. He told us their is a special postman for Father Christmas letters and that the letter would be at the North Pole before we even got back to school! We were shocked!

We can’t wait for his reply. 🙂




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