Future sports stars in the making!

Today in P.E we had our new target given to us. To catch a ball.
First to warm up, we did our new invention of Dinosaur P.E where we did our warm up moves like Dinosaurs. We crawled like dinosaurs, roared like Dinosaurs, swished our tails and did dinosaur stomps. We were defiantly warmed up after that!

We then went about practising our catching. Miss Irwin showed how good she was at catching… She was rubbish! So we helped make some rules to help her.
1) always watch the ball
2) open our hands ready to catch
3) catch the ball in our hands with dinosaur claws!

Miss Irwin got much better with the rules.
We were very good at catching. So then we practised throwing and catching with our partners.











By the end of the lesson we did 10 catches and throws one after the other! Amazing!

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