“Libraries are fun!”

Who knew! Well Miss Irwin already knew libraries were fun and that’s why she took us down there today with Miss Kippen, Ellie’s Grandma, Henry’s Grandma, Georgette’s mummy, Maddie’s mummy and Evie’s mummy.

We went to meet Holly and Ann who told us all about the Library. They told us what we could take such as books. We can take out 10 books and borrow them for 3 weeks! We can also take out talking books, information books, dvd’s and music cd’s.

one of the information books they showed us was life size zoo, which everybody thought was amazing. Charlottes eyes almost popped out of her head and Miss Irwin found her favourite animal a Giraffe.

Ann read us a story “The highway Rat” written by Julia Donaldson, one of our favourite authors.

Then we sang some songs. The Wheels on the bus, Cows in the kitchen, wobble, wobble and 5 little men in a flying saucer.

Holly read us a book called “Keith the cat with a magic hat “, written by Sue Hendra.

The we learnt more about the library by having a walk around. You can look at all sorts of books for all types of things. We found comic books for teenagers, history books for older people, cooking books for Miss Irwin, old photos and maps of Congleton and Astbury.

You can use the computers in the library. We learnt how to take our books out on the machine by using our cards and where to go if we have a problem or need to pay to take something out. You can even go and read papers. Our grandma and Granddads can even go to the library and read big print books if their eyes can’t read small print books.

After our tour we all got to choose a book to take out and to take home.

We really enjoyed our Library visit and on the way back to the car we found the Police station where Julia is from and we had our photo taken while Miss Kippen went in and asked for free stuff for our Role-play!


Thank you to the helpers who came today.

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