Mr Rusbridge the Paramedic

Today we were lucky enough to have a real life Paramedic to come and visit us in Class Jonah.

His name was Mr Rusbridge and he came and told us about being a Paramedic. He wore his uniform and showed us his jacket and helmet.

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He showed us how to use stethoscopes, how he gives people medicine,how to stop bleeding and out on bandages. He even checked Miss Irwin’s blood pressure- which apparently was normal! Then he put Miss Kippen in a car crash and put her in a neck brace!

Then he showed us how to do the recovery position, which we were all really good at. We were even good enough to do it on Giant Mr Wood!

If you want to know how to do it, we made a video. Watch this to help you.

We have learnt a lot today and we hope we can use it to help people. Some of us now want to become Paramedics, but Charlotte still wants to be a vet! 🙂

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