Presents from our buddies

For the last two days we have had great fun. We stayed in school for our lunches. Some of us even tried school dinners and we loved them.

As well we learnt our new sound a. We love learning our new sounds and practising the songs with the actions.

<a href="http://Tomorrow we will be staying all day at school, we finish at 3.20pm. We will also be getting our learning packs and Paddington Bear will be coming home with somebody for the whole weekend.

We have also been playing in the outside area, using on the computers and having our healthy snacks fruit and milk before playtime with all the other boys and girls.








Next week Miss Irwin said we are allowed to bring our own snack for in the morning and we can have our fruit snack in the afternoon, so we don’t get too hungry and tired throughout the day.

Today we also had presents from our buddies in class Jacob to welcome us to the school. We thought they were ace.




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