New beginnings in class Jonah

It’s September and that means a new class of Jonah’s.


We came into school on Monday with our new uniforms feeling very excited. On Monday we made our class rules and got our class jobs for the week.

On Tuesday we had our first phonics lesson and practised our letter ‘s’. We went on bug club and wrote it on our whiteboards, then we went outside like snakes and scared Mr O’Leary ( he doesn’t like snakes). Then we practised writing our s the correct way with giant chalks on the playground.

We also found a letter in Percy’s shed he said we can wear his hat and coat if we want. He gave us his story book ‘The treasure hunt’ which we had at story time. We are going to write him a letter back and ask if he will do us a treasure hunt.

Tomorrow and Thursday we are staying for our lunch with the other children. We can bring our packed Lunch or have a school dinner from Alison for £2.10. Yummy!

On Thursday and Friday we are getting picked up at 1.15pm.

Miss Irwin is going to put more information on the blog soon and we will get our learning packs for our bags on Friday, when we do our first full day. 🙂

One response to “New beginnings in class Jonah

  1. This blog is incredible & a great way of finding out about class Jonah! I have heard from a very excited Bethany all about Percy & also the giant S playground! We have discovered some brilliant words beginning with s: seesaw, slide, sunshine, smile & of course slidy snakes!


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