Newsletter 19.7.13


Friday 19th July
The Deep
Blue Sea

Dear Parents,
This week has been filled full of fun, with our trip to Blue Planet on Monday where we got to see all the amazing sea creatures, sharks, jelly fish, frogs, otters and the cool divers. We all loved Blue Planet and we really loved our lesson too, we can still remember the facts about the Octopus and Starfish. We have also been Umpa Lumpa practising. We have been learning our songs and practising how to be Umpa Lumpa’s which is quite a task! We have to walk funny and try and do our actions at the same time! Miss Irwin is very impressed with us and we can’t wait to show you what good Umpa’s we are. But we must tell you when we were practising in the barn it was very warm, so if you come to watch us you might want to bring a drink and a fan for yourself!

On Friday we also had our Open Afternoon for our families and all the little Jonah’s and their families. We tidied up in the morning to make sure it looked nice then we had a nice play and look at our clever cat books and work books with our families. The new Jonah’s and old Jonah’s played nicely and so did the mummies and daddies. Miss Irwin hopes everybody found it valuable and would like to thank everybody for coming. 🙂

Next week is our last week in Class Jonah. We can’t believe our first year in school has gone so quick! On Monday and Tuesday we will be having the summer concert then on Wednesday it will be our last day with Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen so we are going to have lots of fun. We are definitely  going to have to measure our brains on Wednesday to see how big they are, we have worked so hard this year we can’t believe how clever we are!
How can you help at home?
• Let us rest and have fun because we are tired.

Costumes-PLEASE bring in your costumes on Monday if you haven’t already, otherwise some of us will not be looking like Umpa Lumpa’s! Our dress rehearsal is in the morning and the first show is Monday afternoon.

If you don’t have white bottoms (shorts,leggings or trousers) or a black top (t-shirt) a light coloured bottom of cream and a dark top-navy or brown will be suffice. We don’t mind t-shirts turned inside out.

Sad news-Mrs Brammeld is leaving Astbury as a Teaching Assistant as of the end of this school Year. Her last day in class will be Tuesday. Reception will be very sad to loose her as she is fabulous.

Mrs Brammeld will still be working with Merekats.

Have a nice weekend
Miss Irwin, Miss Kippen and Mrs Brammeld

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