Newsletter 21.6.13

Deep blue sea

Dear Parents,

This week in class Jonah we have been practising how to do our work on our own without any adults help. In maths we looked at everything we’ve learnt this year from counting to, writing number sentences. Including 1 more and 1 less and the last few targets we’d been practising for doubling, halving and sharing. Miss Irwin and Miss Kippen were shocked at how on fire our brains are. In our writing we wrote about what kind of sea creature we would be if we were in the book ‘Tiddler’ , Miss Irwin would be a ‘Dori’ fish but bright green with a pink tail. Some of us were sharks, puffa fish, dolphins and crabs. We designed what sea creature we would be and what we would make it out of and we started to make them this week. Today we went to Buxton Opera House to watch ‘Tiddler and other stories’ By Julia Donaldson, it was brilliant! We loved it and the weather stayed good so we could have our picnic in the park. Thank you to the parent helpers for coming today.

Next week we will be finishing our sea creatures and making our new role-play an ice cream and smoothie shop. SO PLEASE SAVE YOUR ICE CREAM TUBS and bring them in. If you have anything else that you think might help such as; ice cream scoops, plastic cups, small chairs and tables for outside the shop, please bring them in for the role-play. Don’t forget to put your name on!

This week Miss Irwin has been out to meet next year’s class Jonah’s and it’s made is all realise how far we have come in almost a year! She is very proud of us all for working so hard.

How can you help at home?

  • We have been practising our tricky words and high frequency words: this, that, then, do, so , will, see, now, down, come and some. Please help us to read and write these, as well as the words in our sound pockets and in our diaries.


The little class Jonah’s will be coming in on Thursday morning and we are going to help them. We want to invite them and their families to meet all our families at the end of term for an ‘open afternoon’. This will be on Friday 19th July everybody is welcome to come in in the afternoon from 1pm. We can share our stories and things we have learnt. Please try and come…book it off now!

Enjoy your weekend.

Miss Irwin, Miss Kippen and Mrs Brammeld


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